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At the time of our first fundraising event back in 1998, I never imagined that we would one day be celebrating two decades of collaboration and achievement. Our beloved PKCF family has grown from tens to thousands and your sustained support over twenty years has enabled us to raise and distribute over £6 million. Your funds have enabled us to construct schools & orphanages, supply essential medical equipment, refurbish hospital wards, facilitate the medical treatment of over 500 sick children, build and maintain centres for the disabled, sponsor NGO projects for refugee street and working children, construct over 50 homes for families affected by devastating earthquakes, and much more.

It is, of course, to be expected that we would refer to these achievements in collective terms, but we must never lose sight of the fact that beneath the big numbers we are ultimately talking about changing individual lives - whether through bringing comfort or relief or through the creation of opportunity. Your trust and your willingness to assign to us the immense responsibility of acting as your conduits of goodwill is where the credit for each and every one of these improvements lies. On behalf of the Board of Trustees: thank you.  

Going forward, we have resolved to concentrate our efforts - in the main - towards ensuring that the projects that we have initiated over the past twenty years receive the funding they require to maintain their operations and continue with their invaluable work. Across the various organisations that fall within this category, we estimate an annual contribution of £250,000 to be necessary, and so this is where we will allocate the funds we raise each year, starting from this evening.  

Before closing, I would like to use this milestone anniversary to express a few personal words of appreciation. Whilst I'm sure that your generosity and benevolence extends far beyond PKCF, I cannot help but feel touched and honoured that you have chosen to include the Foundation that has such personal meaning to me among those that benefit from your patronage. I extend my heartfelt thanks to you and to my colleagues on the Board, to the Organising Committee Members, the Staff, Volunteers, Sponsors and every other person - young, old and in-between - who has been an indispensable part of this twenty year journey.  

Diana Khalatbari

UK Charity Registration No: 1067931


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