Since 1998 we have distributed £ 6,035,414 across a variety of projects.


2016 UNICEF Syria Children’s Appeal

One of the most dangerous places to be a child is Syria. PKCF made a grant to UNICEF Syria Appeal in the winter of 2016. Millions of Syrian children have lost their families, their homes and schools. These children urgently need shelter, warm clothing and blankets in order to survive the freezing temperatures they are facing. Many are in dire need of medical attention. UNICEF provides Syria’s children with vital lifesaving assistance. They are one of the few aid agencies able to operate inside Syria, as well as helping refugee families in the surrounding countries.


2008-2016 Arjan Ala Trust

A grant was made for the purchase and equipment. As an ongoing pledge, PKCF made a grant to The Arjan Ala Charitable Trust for the purchase of medicines and equipment for use of Iran Haemophilia Society. 

2007-2015 Ashyaneh Ali Orphanage – Kerman

This centre houses 42 girls and boys from the ages of four until adulthood. Since 2007 PKCF has provided funding towards their welfare and education. 

2012-2015 ILIA Centre for Afghan Refugee Children – Shahre Rey Tehran

ILIA Centre is a day centre for Afghan refugee children who are not permitted to attend Iranian schools. 560 boys & girls attend this centre in two shifts daily from grade 1 thru 9. PKCF funds the entire school overhead by paying for rent, teachers, personnel, school uniforms, one meal a day, medical needs, excursions, sport activities, maintenance and repairs of the school building. A football programme for 150 boys, volleyball for 80 girls & a small sewing centre which enables the older girls train in making clothes is also funded.

2012-2014 The Vipingo Village Fund – Kenya 

A further grant was made to assist with purchase of books and other requirements for the Future Hope Montessori School at Vipingo, Kenya.   

2011-2012 and 2014  New Life Nyambene – Kenya
PKCF assisted with a grant towards the maintenance of the newly constructed Vocational Workshop in Maua.

2011-2014 Sohana Research Fund (DEBRA)         
PKCF made a grant to Sohana Research Fund towards funding of research into the cause and possible treatment of Epidermolysis bullosa (EB).                                         

2011 & 2013-2014 Omid International – India
PKCF made a grant to Omid International sponsoring the building of a Community Hall on the hostel grounds in Tamil Nadu.

2014 Primary Schools in Jeyran Manjeh and Jafarabad – Kurdistan
A grant was given for purchase of school equipment & towards refurbishment to the above two schools in a remote & deprived area of Kurdistan 

2014 Maranatha Children - South Africa
A grant was made to assist with the educational programmes at Siyakatala School in Port Elisabeth, South Africa.

2012-2013  East Azerbaijan Earthquake Project 

Phase I  funds were immediately allocated for the purchase of 41 prefabricated units to house 41 families made homeless as a result of the earthquake in August 2012.,

Phase II of the Earthquake project, saw the construction of  30  homes consisting of 2 rooms and facilities was completed in 2013. Board members of PKCF visited the construction sites and attended the handover ceremony where each home was personally delivered to their owners whose homes were destroyed .

Phase III a further 30 houses, consisting of 2 rooms started in late 2013 was completed in 2014.

Phase IV of the project in progress is to  pipe running water to the village of Damoghli and the construction of the final  10 houses for 10 families to  be completed in 2015. At the request of the locals the Damoghli Village was renamed Poplil.                             

2009-2013  Aliasghar Children Hospital - Tehran

Since 2009 in collaboration with Nikan Charity, PKCF has funded refurbishment and supply of medical equipment for the Haematology Ward, two operating theatres, and the Radiology ward. A fully equipped dental chair was purchased for the dental ward in 2013. The hospital is regularly inspected by PKCF representatives. 

2011-2013  Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity 

A grant was made to this marvellous charity, helping to make life better  by supporting seriously ill and disabled children by employing specialist nurses, providing electronic kits for the use of seriously ill children, direct help to families struggling with the care of their sick child 

2011 and 2013-2014 Omid International - India

 Donations were made 2011 to 2013 to set up an educational hostel in Land for Tillers (LAFTI) area of operation in India for 46 Dalit Children (Untouchables). Omid International helps children with their welfare and education, where their parents are unable to provide due to poverty & marginalisation of the Dalit communities.  


2008, 2010 and 2013  - Wherever the Need 

In 2008 PKCF donated funds to build and equip a school in Ennangaram, in the Cuddalore district of Tamilnadu, India. With funding by PKCF, Wherever the Need have worked with the villagers of Ennanagaram in southern India to build community benefits through greater use of the new PKCF School, completed in 2009, beginning with evening classes for women and teenagers. PKCF's funding in 2010 helped uplift the community become more 'income generation' self-sufficient. This was  achieved through micro-finance for women's groups, and training and equipment purchase to expand skills. In 2013 PKCF and Whereverthe need once again partnered to undertake Ennanagaram rural eco-sanitation programme. This provided the most vulnerable in the village, children, and with a new school complete with sanitary and water facilities,  providing adults and children access to sanitation in the form of 105 ecosan family units.


2012 Children's Hope – Sri Lanka

PKCF’s funding was used for the reconstruction of the Paediatric Ward, and the creation of a Child Activity Center at Karapitiya Hospital in Galle, Sri Lanka. The project also included major renovation and refurbishment at the hospital. PKCF’s generous donation was used to pay towards the Premature Baby Unit, the Isolation unit, the Mother’s Resting Room and the Drug Storage Room for which we are most grateful.

2006, 2010, 2012 PKCF Workshop for Boys - Karaj

PKCF constructed the workshop 8 years ago on the premises of the Dr. Naraghi’s Vocational School. The workshop is utilized by the 460 boys for hands-on mechanical and electrical training.   In 2012 PKCF refurbished and supplied new mechanical and electrical equipment to replace the obsolete range. PKCF are very pleased with the results and will monitor the future needs of this workshop. 

2011 Society for Protection of Street & Working Children - Karaj

It is the children who have mostly become the victims of war migrations. Such children are exposed to different forms of risk and harm by working and spending most of their time on the streets.  SPSWC is an association established to prevent more children of this kind from ending on the streets and provides them with schooling, nourishment, clothing and vocational training. PKCF are proud to have funded the purchase of one of the buildings used for the school and the land on which a small educational centre is under construction. 

2011 Street & Working Children – Koodakan Koosha - Tehran

Some of the children at this Day Centre are refugees, while others are local children from deprived backgrounds. Many of the mothers who are illiterate are enrolled in literacy courses and vocational education at the centre. UNICEF assists with the salaries of the staff. In the past, PKCF have provided equipment for vocational training needs. At present we are funding refurbishment of a building and supplying the equipment needed for an industrial kitchen for the parents to produce food to sell in the market, enabling them to earn for themselves as well as benefiting the centre. 

2011 Ghaleh Ganj - South Kerman 

In collaboration with Rayeheh Nikookari, a local NGO,  PKCF assisted with the construction of a boarding school in Ghaleh Ganj, a very deprived area in the desert, 3 hours from Bandar Abbas. The project consists of Middle and High School boarding for 200 girls from the various villages around Ghaeh Ganj that do not have schools. The rationale behind the need for this project is the absence of public transport in the vicinity. The schools will be under the supervision of the Ministry of Education who will provide the teachers. THE school was completed in 2014.

2011 Noor Ehsan - Tehran

Noor  Ehsan is a non-profit volunteer organization based in Tehran. It was established in 2000 to provide sustained and individually suited support to single mothers, youngsters who have abandoned home with no support, and families in need of special medical attention.  The organisation also supports families with no guardian, such as fathers, who are either disabled, addicted, or in prison, and mothers who are unskilled workers and unable to provide a living for their children. Currently they have 566 families under their care, with 1845 individuals. PKCF is assisting with financial support for medical needs and education for the children. 

2011 Chance International - Indonesia

We thank PKCF for a grant to Chance International funding the set-up and running cost of an Educational Support Programme in Aceh, Indonesia, to help bring educational support to more rural children. 176 children are currently enrolled in the support program. The children range from 1st year Elementary to 3rd year Junior High School, receive lessons in all subjects taught in their formal schools Chance provides everything including notebooks and pens. The building is provided by the Community.  It is impossible to convey the true enthusiasm, joy and laughter shown by the children. Thank you all for your kind and generous support in helping to change the lives of these deserving children. 

2008, 2010-2011 Facing Africa – Noma

A further grant was given to Facing Africa for the treatment of Noma. Facing Africa Noma are most grateful to PKCF for a grant in 2011.  The funds went towards the purchase of surgical drill and saw kits for use by our teams of volunteer facial reconstructive surgeons in our work in Ethiopia on the victims of Noma. Our teams visit Africa three times a year to give our patients a chance of a new face and therefore a new life, able to eat, smile and return to their place in society.  We are most grateful to PKCF and its supporters. 

2008-2011 Women for Women – Rwanda

Women for Women International is deeply grateful to PKCF and its supporters for its generous grant made towards the provision of training spaces for women in Rwanda. These funds are currently being used to construct seven wooden classrooms and four pit latrines in the communities of Kabarondo, Rwinkwavu and Ruramira. These classrooms will make it possible for participants to have a clean, quiet and safe environment in which to learn the skills and knowledge that will enable to travel the road to self-sufficiency. You have our deepest gratitude for making this possible. 

2011 Save the Children – East Africa Appeal

3 month old Umi was malnourished, dehydrated, and suffering from bronchial pneumonia when she was brought into a Save the Children supported health centre. Three months later, Umi is no longer an iconic image of hunger and drought; she is now a healthy, plump, and smiling six-month-old baby girl.  It is thanks to the support of generous donors like PKCF that Save the Children has been able to stage the largest ever emergency response in its’ 90 year history reaching 2.5m people. The PKCF grant has directly helped to save lives as the response to this crisis continues to provide daily life-saving food, water, healthcare and nutritional support. Thank you. 

2006-2010 and 2011 Snow Flake School for Children with Autism - UK

We are very grateful to PKCF for their continuous support. Snowflake School received a generous donation in 2011 to support a year’s tuition fee for one pupil.  PKCF’s support enables assistance by providing educational care and training for building life skills, improving mastered skills, reducing obsessions, phobias and challenging behaviour. Snowflake School helps children with moderate to severe autism. The school provides a specialist teaching environment that develops both academic and social skills, thus providing each pupil with the chance for a better future, whilst also improving the quality of their family’s lives. 

2009, 2011-2013 Omid International - India

We are very grateful to PKCF for their continuous support. We received a generous donation in 2011 to set up an educational hostel in Land for Tillers (LAFTI) area of operation in India for 46 Dalit Children (Untouchables). Omid International helps children with their welfare and education, where their parents are unable to provide due to poverty & marginalisation of the Dalit communities.  

2011 UNICEF - East Africa Children’s Appeal

Thank you!  UNICEF is extremely grateful for the support of the Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation, which has enabled us to reach children across the East Africa region with emergency nutrition, health, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), child protection and education. On behalf of all of the children who you have helped UNICEF to reach, thank 

2011-2014 New Life Nyambene

New Life Nyambene have worked with children rescued from the streets to provide them with a home in Maua, now numbering 38, boys and girls, they were suffering the sort of destitution and trauma unimaginable. The funding from PKCF enabled us to extend our reach to many other young people still living on the streets With your money, we have been able to purchase the land on which we can establish a vocational training centre where destitute young people will learn the transferable skills they need to move into paid employment and build a life away from the cycle of poverty Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation has helped us to begin something great indeed 

2010 Daryeelka Maanka Burao, (Care of the Mind) Somaliland

A grant was made for the purchase of medication and training in mental health for local people in Burao, Northern Somalia.

2008-2010 & 2013 Sick Children’s Trust – UK

In 2010 and 2013 PKCF made a donation to the Sick Children’s Trust for the extension of Stevenson House ‘Home from Home’ at the Royal London Children’s Hospital in Whitechapel.  In 2009 a donation was made to fund a play area in their new ‘Home from Home’ project in Leeds, where parents can stay with their sick children while they are receiving treatment and in 2008 PKCF made a donation to help with the building of a new floor for parents of sick children at their centre in Newcastle.

2009-2010 Markaz Tebbi Koodakan (Children's Medical Centre) – Tehran

This Children’s Hospital with 400 beds was the pioneer for child care in the Middle East and was inaugurated in 1968 by Drs Ahari and Gharib.  The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) which was funded by PKCF in 2009 is being used at full capacity and in 2010 PKCF purchased complete Dental Surgery equipment comprising of three Dental chairs, Treatment Units and fixtures and fittings.

2008-2010 Global Action Plan – UK

Global Action Plan offers a unique blend of creativity and environmental expertise to help actively cut carbon emissions. It runs the only environmental projects in the UK to be supported by the United Nations Environment Programme.  Our donation went towards supporting their  School & Community Programmes.  They work with schools to improve energy usage and reduce waste sent to landfills.  ‘Evergreen’  is  a housing association  project which engages disadvantaged groups in community environmental action.

2008 and 2010 Wherever the Need

With funding by PKCF, Wherever the Need is working with the villagers of Ennanagaram in southern India to build community benefits through greater use of the new PKCF School, completed in 2009, beginning with evening classes for women and teenagers. PKCF's current funding will uplift the community so they become more 'income generation' self-sufficient. This will be achieved through micro-finance for women's groups, and training and equipment purchase to expand skills. Other peripheral structural activities are also taking place and once completed these combined improvements will have a powerful and long-lasting effect on the villagers' lives.

2002-2010 Cystic Fibrosis Trust – UK

PKCF makes an annual financial donation towards the discovery of an effective treatment for Cystic Fibrosis, one of the UK's most common life-threatening inherited diseases.

2008-2009 Daheshpour Cancer Foundation

A grant was made for purchase of chemotherapy medication for treatment of children & young persons.

2006–2009 American Friends of Le Kinkeliba, Senegal

Le Kinkeliba is a medical and educational organization operating in communities in rural Senegal, West Africa. PKCF funded the construction of a kindergarten for 300 children in the township of Sinthian, and thereafter the supply of furnishings and educational tools. The kindergarten was inaugurated on January 28th

2009 Trinity Centre - UK

The Trinity Centre supports children, particularly those who have suffered trauma, abuse and neglect, as well as young refugees separated from their families in the process of fleeing violent conflict. It provides education, play, advice, advocacy and therapeutic care. Funding was made to support these vulnerable children.

2009 Kanoon Farhangi Hemayat Koodakan Kar/Koosha  (Cultural Society for the Protection of Working Children – Tehran) 
The aim of this institution is to remove children from the streets and to provide for their education and welfare. It also provides vocational training for their mothers, enabling them to obtain employment. Funds were donated to equip the kitchen and purchase classroom furniture and educational materials.

2009 Multiple Sclerosis Society - Iran 
Funds were provided for the purchase of much needed wheelchairs. In 2002, a donation was made towards research and establishment of an essential database on this debilitating disease.  

2008  LAFTI – India 
A donation was made to LAFTI, which aims to raise the social status and acceptability of the Dalit Caste (Untouchables). LAFTI also helps villages to replace mud huts with brick housing, and runs hostels to house the children of Untouchables so they can attend school.

2008 Children in Crisis - UK

The aim of Children in Crisis is to give children in some of the world’s poorest countries the educational opportunities they need to help transform their lives. A donation was made towards construction of a school for children in East Timor.

2008 Afghan Connection - UK

A grant was made to assist with a much needed school in Sang Boran located in the mountainous region of Baghlan Province. The school takes 2,000 boys aged 7-17. The boys have now moved in to the new school building (previously schooled in tents or outside in the open). PKCF funds have paid for three classrooms and necessary furnishing.

2006 - 2008 Shariaty Centre - Tehran

PKCF provided annual financial support for the welfare and education of the young people who attend this centre for those suffering from Downs Syndrome.

2006-2008 Shriners Hospital - Los Angeles

Shriners Hospitals for Children is a network of 22 paediatric hospitals in the U.S., Canada and Mexico providing specialized care for orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries and cleft lip and palate. All services are provided at no charge. Annual donations are made to this Hospital that provides free specialized medical care to children.

2006-2008 UNHCR, is a UN Refugee Agency led campaign to raise funds for education and sport programs for refugee youth, many of whom are forced to spend years of their young lives away from home with little hope of returning. There are nine million such children around the world today. PKCF committed to providing assistance to this worthy campaign over the course of three years, with the aim of making sports and education available to the refugee children who would otherwise not have access to such facilities. To date, the Foundation has funded the construction and/or equipping of educational and vocational centres in refugee camps in Sudan and on the Thai/Myanmar border.

1998-2008 Crisis - UK

Crisis works to relieve the problem of homelessness in the UK and includes amongst its achievements the establishment of a shelter that aims to provide a safe house for abused women. The Foundation has supported Crisis's work since 2000 and each year provides a grant towards a specific, goal orientated project.

2005- 2008 Bam Spinal Cord Injury Association (BSCIA) Bam

The Foundation worked in partnership with Targetfollow Group to construct and equip a commercial building which includes a netcafe and stationery shop. The facilities provide an opportunity for local disabled residents to gain independence and participate in the economic regeneration of the region. PKCF will continue to supervise the centre's progress and will provide support on an as-needed basis.

2005-2007 Chickenshed - UK

Chickenshed runs Children's and Youth Theatre workshops for 600 underprivileged and/or disabled children, education courses for over 100 students, community outreach projects and a network of satellite 'sheds' across the country.  PKCF provided funding to this organization for three consecutive years, contributing to the continuation of their work to create a sense of 'inclusion' for many young people who otherwise had experienced marginalization from mainstream society. PKCF supported Chicken Shed for 3 years.  

2003-2007 Mohebi School for 200 visually impaired boys - Tehran

The Foundation funded the purchase of Braille computers and equipment, refurbishment of the computer centre, and provided support for the employment of specialised teachers.

2007 F.R.O.D.O (Foundation for Relief of Disabled Orphans) - UK

A grant was made to assist this organization whose principal mission is the “transform the quality of life, provide hope and empower physically and mentally disabled orphans in developing countries”.

2007 House of Ruth - Washington DC

A donation was approved for this organization whose mission is to assist women and children victimized by domestic violence. 

2007 Friends United Network (FUN) - UK

Fun works with adult volunteers who aim to befriend children from some of the most disadvantaged single-family parent homes in North London.

2007 Heal Project - Zambia

PKCF, in a join venture with the Lombard Charitable Trust, has made a grant to this project in Zambia which runs a transit home for HIV infected children, as well as a school and learning centre for 200 orphans and vulnerable children.

2007 Institute for International Education - New York

The aim of the IIE is to promote closer educational relations between the people of the United States and those of other countries. Our donation was used towards strengthening cross cultural and social awareness through educational exchange programmes.

2006-2007 The Persian Cultural Centre - Washington DC

Since its inception over 25 years ago, this centre has dedicated its efforts to the promotion of Persian Language and Arts amongst second generation Iranian-Americans. A donation was made towards the advancement of the study of Persian heritage & culture amongst the student population.

2006 The Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign - UK

A donation was made to this organization that works to improve the treatment of cancer patients.

2005-2006 The Snowflake School for Autistic Children - London

Financial assistance was provided for the establishment of this school, specifically towards the renovation of the chosen site for the school's premises.

2005-2006 UMEED Project - Kashmir

As many as 5 million people were made homeless by the powerful earthquake that struck the northern area of Pakistan in October 2005. Funding was made available by PKCF to construct 15 houses in the disaster area, using earthquake resistant materials.

2002-2006 Kids Company - UK

Kids Company is a charity offering practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children and youth. Annual donations were made to support the ongoing work of the organization.

2005 Mary House - Washington DC

A donation was made to Mary House, an organisation that provides transitional housing services, shelter and support programmes to homeless and struggling families.

2005 Baby Buggy - New York

Baby Buggy is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing New York City's families in need with essential equipment, clothing, and products for their infants and young children. 

2004 Hope and Homes - Sudan

PKCF provided funding Hope & Homes for Children in Africa who have been affected by conflict, war or genocide.

2003 Daheshpour Cancer Foundation - Iran

The donation made by PKCF facilitated the furnishing of an operating theatre and the supply of surgical equipment.

2003 Afghan Relief and Rehabilitation - Afghanistan

The Foundation's donation provided necessary funding for the construction of a clinic and a sewing centre.

2003 NSPCC and Children 1st - England & Scotland

Donations were made to The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), England and Children 1st, Scotland.

2002 Children's Educational Project – Afghanistan

PKCF supported UNICEF's special programme to return children to school in Afghanistan.

2002 Save the Children

A financial contribution was made to this organization that protects and advances the rights and living conditions of children around the world. 

2002 Shahvali Cancer Hospital - Yazd

A donation from PKCF made possible the purchase of medical equipment urgently required by the ICU at Shahvali Cancer Hospital in Yazd.

2002 Ameneh Orphanage - Iran

A donation was made for refurbishment of the bathroom and locker facilities of the Ameneh Orphanage, a centre for abandoned babies.

2002 Weston Spirit - UK

PKCF supported the work of Weston Spirit, a voluntary organisation tackling issues of social exclusion in young people through personal development programmes.

2001 Self Employed Women's Association - Gujarat

PKCF's donation provided necessary assistance to women effected by the earthquake who wished to return to employment.

2001 Georgetown University - USA

A donation was made towards a fund established in memory of Lisa Joy Raines who was killed in the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

2000 Mozambique

PKCF contributed towards the repair of various children's orphanages damaged during devastating floods.


2000 Yehudi Menuhin School

2000 Jaipur Limb Campaign

2000 Concern

2000 Oxfam

1999 Boys Orphanage - Turkey

A donation was made towards the repair of a boys' orphanage damaged in a major earthquake.


1999 Yehudi Menuhin School

1999 NSPCC

1999 Police Dependents Trust

1999 Refugees in Slovenia

1999 Crisis

1998 Crisis UK

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