Since 1998 we have distributed £ 6,524.105 across a variety of projects.


Bachehaye Ma Orphanage - Kerman, Iran

PKCF is proud to partner with this exemplary organization, Bachehaye Ma. In 2006, PKCF funded the construction of two homes, a workshop, IT centre & a library to house and to take care of 56 orphans from the age of 4 until they leave as adults after attending universities or technical colleges, in Kerman. In 2017,  the Foundation funded the building of a new home on the premises to cater for not only its growing up children but also to add several toddlers to this big family. 

PKCF members visit the centre several times a year and have established strong ties with the children.                                                                                       

Hafez centre for Children with Down Syndrome - Kerman, Iran  

This Day Care Centre for children with Down’s syndrome, particularly those from impoverished backgrounds, is well run and regularly inspected by PKCF members. PKCF will continue funding to assist with the salaries of carers and specialist equipment required by the children.

Asayeshgah Hekmat for Disabled Boys – Rasht, Iran

This centre houses severely disabled boys and young men, suffering from mental as well as physical disabilities. PKCF funding assists these youths in terms of their medical needs, as well as helping with food and clothing needs. A representative from PKCF regularly visits this centre and personally overseas their requirements.   

7th Tir Home for Disabled girls - Tehran, Iran

7th Tir was our 1st project in Iran, where we constructed a school, an auditorium, sewing centre as well as an arts and crafts centre in 1999. We also refurbished the dormitories and supplied wheelchairs & physiotherapy equipment. PKCF continues to support the needs of the residents.

PKCF Vocational School – Tehran, Iran

The Vocational School was constructed by PKCF and inaugurated in 2005. PKCF representatives sit on the board of trustees and are influential in all decision making. In addition to the school curriculum, 380 girls receive vocational training in IT, Accountancy, Physical Education, and Industrial Design courses. The school has become self-sufficient since funds are earned from the rental of the gymnasium and other facilities after school hours to other schools, which lack these  facilities.

Hakim Farabi Vocational School – Bam, Iran

Constructed by PKCF in the aftermath of the Bam earthquake and inaugurated in 2007, the Harkim Farabi Vocational School is currently attended by 220 girls. Members of PKCF inspect the school several times each year. We continue to fund maintenance of this school, along with the purchasing any new equipment required.

Jafarabad School – Ghazvin, Iran

147 children in their formative years from the Jafarabad village attend this elementary school which was constructed by PKCF in 2006. We completely refurbished the school building in 2016.  The school’s program has been revitalised and is closely supervised under new management, with activities extending beyond the core curriculum to include physical education, hygiene classes, music, art and English classes. Educational excursions are also organised for the children.  PKCF provides ongoing funding for the School’s educational program, maintenance and refurbishment of the building, utilities, student uniforms and equipment.  The PKCF Jafar Abad School has become a model school in Ghazvin province of which we are very proud!

Football Programme – Shahre Rey, Iran

The Popli Football Team is an ongoing programme which helps children aged 7-17 years by providing football coaching. Currently 150 children, a mix of Afghan refugees as well as local Iranian children from impoverished backgrounds, are taught discipline, teamwork, and much more in an enjoyable sporting environment. We are delighted that Inter Campus branch of Inter Milan are supporting this programme by visiting the Team twice a year to instruct the coaches and players. PKCF is expanding the programme to include the welfare and education of the boys. Overall the children are taught key skills to help them both on and off the pitch. Volunteers are welcome to apply for the summer programme, for details please use the following link Volunteer Programmes

Medical Fund – throughout Iran

Children from deprived backgrounds who are in need of medical treatment are referred to our NGO partner Nikan Charity. Social workers at Nikan vet the cases and accordingly refer them to various hospitals for treatment and follow up. Since 2014 we have assisted over 250 children to have, amongst other treatments; reconstructive plastic surgery, cardiac surgery, spinal cord surgery, orthopaedic surgery cochlear implant & bone marrow transplant. PKCF will continue to partner with Nikan to treat as many children as possible, particularly Afghan refugee children.

UK and Worldwide Charities

Bridge of Hope - UK based - Worldwide projects

Bridge of Hope is a UK registered charity that sponsors the education of children and young adults in developing countries around the world. 

Child Action Lanka - Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya is in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka, the highest point of the country and dominated by agricultural land. Previously this CAL Centre had been using converted connex classrooms out of necessity, as they were sometimes required to move due to difficulties with landlords. In 2015 PKCF assisted with a grant to help with the purchase of land and premises for the Nuwara Eliya Project, thus providing a more stable environment. The Centre educates children of land labourers through academic and talent based approaches, to bring out the best in them and help them to believe in a better future. The Centre is planning computer classes for school leavers as well as vocational training courses. With the hard work of the staff and children, we believe this centre is giving these children a bright future in which they will be able to serve their communities and prosper. 

Hope for the Young - UK

Helping Young Refugees into Education. 

Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association - UK

Committed to improving the lives of children with Down syndrome and their families, in Portsmouth and South Hampshire, by providing friendship, support and an extensive range of educational services from birth. 

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